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Ourofino Agrociência announces a strategic partnership

The Japanese companies Mitsui and ISK join the company in the development of the tropical agriculture

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Ourofino Agrociência, a Brazilian industry that has been operating in the Brazilian crop protection market for 8 years, communicates a strategic partnership with the traditional Japanese companies Mitsui & Co., Ltd., (“Mitsui”) and Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd. (“ISK”). It was strategically negotiated a 20% stake for Mitsui and a 5% for ISK.

The objective of this partnership is to capture the synergies among the companies, by exploring the maximum of great existing grate complementarities and willingness to cooperate, aiming at rapidly and intensely create and share value to the Brazilian growers.

Mitsui is a leading Japanese trading and investment conglomerate active in various business areas, with over 450 affiliated companies and will contribute to Ourofino Agrociência development. Regarding ISK, it is a traditional company specialized in research & development of new molecules with high focus on the agrochemical area, enriching Ourofino Agrociência with its current and future innovative portfolio.

Ourofino Agrociência has the value proposition of reimagining Brazilian agriculture and one of its pillars is to develop product formulations based on the tropical agriculture needs and features. The headquarter is located in Ribeirão Preto (São Paulo State) and the company also has a supply office in Shanghai (China) and a plant in Uberaba (Minas Gerais State), considered one of the most modern in the world and with production capacity of more than over 120 million kilograms/liters per year.

There are 396 direct employees in the most varied professional areas that make the difference in the execution of its value proposition. Ourofino Agrociência commercializes 35 formulated and reimagined products and intends to launch 22 new products in the next three years.

“Ourofino Agrociência, its clients and suppliers will be extremely benefited from the knowledge and investment in new researches that the two companies will aggregate to the business. Allied to with the current management model, that has been made a successful company up to now the company success, the partnership will boost our strength in the competitive Brazilian agribusiness”, affirms the president and founder shareholder Mr. Norival Bonamichi.

The conclusion of its this negotiation operation is subject to customary authorities approval the previous conditions and usual adjustments in operations of this nature.

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